PDDBM: Please Don't Die Black Men Opens Today, October 1, 2014!

We sell a series of clothing items including hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts, and more. We also sell home and office supplies, including but not limited to, coffee mugs, tape measures, rulers, pens, and more.


For all of our t-shirts, we used a series of 13 questions that are randomly selected to go on the front. These 13 questions all mean the same thing... What Inspires Or Makes Up A Positive Black Man? PDDBM is very proud of what we are trying to accomplish.



These 13 Randomly Selected Questions Make Up The Front Of Our Shirts. We hope that you can ask yourself this question in whichever way that you feel comfortable and wear it proudly.



Feel free to take a moment and read our About Us section. There you will find our motto, what PDDBM really stands for, and what we are all about. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and we hope you enjoy our products.


Ruby N Lewis

President & CEO